Sea ice diatoms from Late Quaternary sediments in the Scotia Sea, supplement to: Allen, Claire Susannah; Pike, Jennifer; Pudsey, Carol J (2011): Last glacial-interglacial sea-ice cover in the SW Atlantic and its potential role in global deglaciation. Quaternary Science Reviews, 30(19-20), 2446-2458

Claire Susannah Allen, Jennifer Pike & Carol J Pudsey
Sea-ice growth and decay in Antarctica is one of the biggest seasonal changes on Earth, expanding ice cover from 4x10**6 km**2 to a maximum of 19x10**6 km**2 during the austral winter. Analyses of six marine sediment cores from the Scotia Sea, SW Atlantic, yield records of sea-ice migration across the basin since the Lateglacial. The cores span nearly ten degrees of latitude from the modern seasonal sea-ice zone to the modern Polar Front. Surface sediments...
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