(Table 3) Chemical analyses from DSDP Holes 22-214, 22-215 and 22-216 in the Indian Ocean, supplement to: Reddy, V Viswanatha; Subbarao, K V; Reddy, G R; Matsuda, J; Hekinian, Roger (1978): Geochemistry of volcanics from the Ninetyeast Ridge and its vicinity in the Indian Ocean. Marine Geology, 26(1-2), 99-117

V Viswanatha Reddy, K V Subbarao, G R Reddy, J Matsuda & Roger Hekinian
The basalts and oceanic andesites from the aseismic Ninetyeast Ridge display trachytic, vesicular and amygdaloidal textures suggesting a subaerial volcanic environment. The normative composition of the Ninetyeast Ridge ranges from olivine picriteto nepheline-normative alkaline basalt, suggesting a wide range of differentiation. This is further supported by the fractionation-differentiation trends displayed by transition metal trace elements (Ni, Cr, V and Cu). The Ninetyeast Ridge rocks are enriched in rare earth (RE) and large ion lithophile (LIL)...
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