Composition and fluxes of sinking particulate material and bottom sediments in the northeast Black Sea in 1998-1999, supplement to: Rusakov, Valery Yu; Shimkus, Kazimir M; Zernova, Valentina V; Isaeva, Alexandra B; Serova, Valentina V; Karpenko, Alexandra A; Demina, Lyudmila V (2003): Distribution and composition of sedimentary matter in the northeast Black Sea. Translated from Oceanology, 2003, 43(3), 459-468, Oceanology, 43(3), 434-442

Valery Yu Rusakov, Kazimir M Shimkus, Valentina V Zernova, Alexandra B Isaeva, Valentina V Serova, Alexandra A Karpenko & Lyudmila V Demina
For the first time deep-sea mooring stations with sediment traps were deployed in the northeast Black Sea. One sediment trap for long-term studies was located at Station 1 (44°15'N, 37°43'E, deployment depth 1800 m, depth 1900 m). The trap collected sinking sedimentary material from January to May 1998. Material collectors were changed every 15 days. Other stations with sediment traps for short-term studies (September-October 1999) were located on the shelf: Station 2 (44°16'N, 38°37'E, deployment...
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