DISPRO datasets for validation of coastal hydrodynamic models, supplement to: Bailly du Bois, Pascal; Dumas, F; Solier, L; Voiseux, C (2012): In-situ database toolbox for short-term dispersion model validation in macro-tidal seas, application for 2D-model. Continental Shelf Research, 36, 63-82

Pascal Bailly du Bois, F Dumas, L Solier & C Voiseux
Appropriate field data are required to check the reliability of hydrodynamic models simulating the dispersion of soluble substances in the marine environment. This study deals with the collection of physical measurements and soluble tracer data intended specifically for this kind of validation. The intensity of currents as well as the complexity of topography and tides around the Cap de La Hague in the center of the English Channel makes it one of the most difficult...
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