Age determination of three sediment cores from the Eurasian continental margin, supplement to: Knies, Jochen; Nowaczyk, Norbert R; Müller, Claudia; Vogt, Christoph; Stein, Ruediger (2000): A multiproxy approach to reconstruct the environmental changes along the Eurasian continental margin over the last 150 000 years. Marine Geology, 163(1-4), 317-344

Jochen Knies, Norbert R Nowaczyk, Claudia Müller, Christoph Vogt & Ruediger Stein
Sediment cores located along the Eurasian continental margin (Arctic Ocean) have been studied to reconstruct the environmental changes in terms of waxing and waning of the Barents/Kara Sea ice-sheets, Atlantic water inflow, and sea-ice distribution over the last 150 kyr. The stratigraphy of the cores is based on stable oxygen isotopes, AMS 14C, and paleomagnetic data. We studied variations in marine and terrigenous input by a multiproxy approach, involving direct comparison of sedimentological and organo-geochemical...
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