Chemical analyses and results of sediments from different DSDP Holes from the North Atlantic, supplement to: Horowitz, Arthur; Cronan, David S (1976): The geochemistry of basal sediments from the North Atlantic Ocean. Marine Geology, 20(3), 205-228

Arthur Horowitz & David S Cronan
Chemical analyses of North Atlantic D.S.D.P. (Deep Sea Drilling Project) sediments indicate that basal sediments generally contain higher concentrations of Fe, Mn, Mg, Pb, and Ni, and similar or lower concentrations of Ti, Al, Cr, Cu, Zn, and Li than the material overlying them. Partition studies on selected samples indicate that the enriched metals in the basal sediments are usually held in a fashion similar to that in basal sediments from the Pacific, other D.S.D.P....
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