(Table 1) Compressional wave velocities for rocks from DSDP Hole 31-293 in the Philippine Sea, supplement to: Fountain, David M; Carlson, Richard L; Salisbury, Matthew H; Christensen, Nikolas I (1975): Possible lower crustal rocks recovered on Leg 31 by deep-sea drilling in the Philippine Sea. Marine Geology, 19(5), M75-M80

David M Fountain, Richard L Carlson, Matthew H Salisbury & Nikolas I Christensen
Compressional wave velocities measured in gabbroic rocks and metabasites recovered from Site 293 of Leg 31 in the Philippine Sea (on the Central Basin Fault) are correlative with seismic velocities determined for Layer 3. The lower crustal origin for these rocks suggested by this data is further supported by the similarity between these samples, dredge haul samples from fracture zones in the main ocean basins and rocks found in ophiolite complexes. These plutonic rocks were...
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