(Table 2) Compressional and shear wave velocites from basalts and sediments of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Christensen, Nikolas I; Fountain, David M; Stewart, Richard J (1973): Oceanic crustal basement: A comparison of seismic properties of D.S.D.P. basalts and consolidated sediments. Marine Geology, 15(4), 215-226

Nikolas I Christensen, David M Fountain & Richard J Stewart
Compressional (Vp) and shear (Vs) wave velocities have been measured to 1.0 kbar for 14 cores of well-consolidated sedimentary rock from Atlantic and Pacific sites of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. The range of VP (2.05-5.38 km/sec at 0.5 kbar) shows significant overlap with the range of oceanic layer-2 seismic velocities determined by marine refraction surveys, suggesting that sedimentary rocks may, in some regions, constitute the upper portion of layer 2. Differing linear relationships between...
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