Concentrations of major biogenic elements in the photic layer of the Kandalaksha Bay and production of organic matter, supplement to: Agatova, Alina I; Torgunova, Nadezhda I; Lapina, N M; Kirpichev, K B (2002): Biohydrochemical bases of productivity in deep waters of the White Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2002, 42(3), 370-377, Oceanology, 42(3), 350-357

Alina I Agatova, Nadezhda I Torgunova, N M Lapina & K B Kirpichev
Data on spatial and temporal variability of concentrations and speciations of major nutrients (oxygen, phosphorus, nitrogen, and silicon) in deep waters of the Kandalaksha Bay are presented. Main variations of nutrients in the photic layer associate with seasonal variations in intensity of production and degradation processes. High primary productivity in the spring-summer period results in oxygen oversaturation (103-115%), minimum concentrations of mineral silicon, phosphorus and nitrogen along with increase of their organic forms. Simultaneously under...
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