Phytoplankton composition and biomass and its fluorescence parameters in waters of the Nha Trang Bay, South China Sea, supplement to: Il'yash, L V; Matorin, D N; Kol'tsova, T I; Ho Hi Sham (2004): Spatial Distribution and Daily Dynamics of Phytoplankton in Nhatrang Bay of the South China Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2004, 44(2), 238-248, Oceanology, 44(2), 219-229

L V Il'yash, D N Matorin, T I Kol'tsova & Ho Hi Sham
Species composition and abundance of phytoplankton and chlorophyll concentration were measured at three horizons of 9 stations in the Nha Trang Bay of the South China Sea in March 1998. Vertical distribution of fluorescence parameters, temperature and irradiance were measured in the 0-18 m layer of the water column at 21 stations. It was shown that according to biomass (B) and chlorophyll concentration (Chl) the Bay is mezotrophic. B and Chl in the water column...
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