(Table 1) Reduced compounds of sulfur in waters of the Baltic Sea, supplement to: Volkov, Igor I; Demidova, Tatyana P (2003): Reduced inorganic sulfur in water of the Baltic Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2003, 43(6), 855-861, 43(6), 805-810

Igor I Volkov & Tatyana P Demidova
Concentrations of sulfide, S°, and thiosulfate were determined in waters of the Baltic Sea. Microquantities of these compounds were observed in oxic waters. Concentration levels of reduced sulfur compounds in Baltic oxic waters were very close to levels of the Black Sea oxic zone. Thiosulfate and S° were predominate compounds in oxic water whereas sulfide was a predominant compound of Baltic waters high in hydrogen sulfide. Conclusion was made that during sedimentation in oxic waters...
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