Tab. 4: Vergesellschaftung von Nitella opaca in Nordwestdeutschland, supplement to: Becker, Ralf (2010): Bemerkenswerte Characeen-Funde in Nordwest-Deutschland. Abhandlungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins zu Bremen, 46(3), 409-418

Ralf Becker
New facts on the occurrence and distribution of the threatened and rare stoneworts Chara baltica, C. connivens, C. contraria, C. virgata, Nitella hyalina, N. opaca, N. gracilis, N. capillaris, N translucens and N. flexilis and the non-threatened species Chara globularis in the northwestern part of Lower Saxony (Germany) are presented. A description of the stonewort sites is given and the abundance and the degrees of endangering of the species are discussed. Data about the Vegetation...
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