Aerosols over the East Atlantic in spring and summer 2001, supplement to: Klyuvitkin, Alexey A; Lukashin, Vyacheslav N; Novigatsky, Alexander N; Isaeva, Alexandra B; Serova, Valentina V (2004): Mineral aerosols, their concentrations, composition and fluxes to the oceanic surface. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2004, 44(5), 756-767, Oceanology, 44(5), 710-720

Alexey A Klyuvitkin, Vyacheslav N Lukashin, Alexander N Novigatsky, Alexandra B Isaeva & Valentina V Serova
Data on the concentration and mineral composition of aerosols collected by nets in Cruise 18 of R/V Akadernik Fedorov on a submeridional section in the East Atlantic are presented. An empirical curve for calculating efficiency factor of a net is given for different concentrations of mineral part of aerosols. Fluxes of lithogenic part of aerosols to the sea surface are calculated. A comparison of lithogenic fluxes from the atmosphere and in the water column of...
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