Chemical composition of basalts from coarse debris of the Kara Sea bottom sediments, supplement to: Lisitzin, Alexander P; Kharin, Gennady S; Chernysheva, E A (2004): Basalts from the coarse debris of the Kara Sea bottom sediments. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2004, 44(4), 554-563, Oceanology, 44(4), 589-599

Alexander P Lisitzin, Gennady S Kharin & E A Chernysheva
Study of basaltic debris from the Kara Sea bottom has shown its similarity to traps of the Eastern Siberia in mineralogy, structures and chemical composition. In comparison with oceanic tholeiites, the source of traps and Kara Sea basin basaltic melts was enriched in REE and some other incompatible elements. K-Ar dating of two samples of supposed autochtonous location from the eastern part of the Kara Sea basin has shown 209 and 218 Ma - younger...
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