Mineralogy and nannoplankton distribution in ODP Hole 194-1195A, supplement to: Dubois, Nathalie; Kindler, Pascal; Spezzaferri, Silvia; Coric, Stjepan (2008): The initiation of the southern central Great Barrier Reef: New multiproxy data from Pleistocene distal sediments from the Marion Plateau (NE Australia). Marine Geology, 250(3-4), 223-233

Nathalie Dubois, Pascal Kindler, Silvia Spezzaferri & Stjepan Coric
Significant synchronous shifts in the chemistry, mineralogy, grain sizes and color of the sediments at 6 m below sea floor (mbsf) at ODP Site 1195 on the Marion Plateau (NE Australia) are interpreted to reflect a major regional paleoceanographic change: the initiation of the southern province of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). The onset of this massive carbonate production centre nearby resulted primarily in increased deposition of carbonate-rich sediments of neritic origin. Both sedimentation rate...
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