Suspended matter in waters of the Kem' River estuary (white Sea) and its composition in July-August 2003 and 2002, supplement to: Dolotov, Yury S; Filatov, N N; Shevchenko, Vladimir P; Petrov, M P; Kutcheva, I P; Tolstikov, A V; Novigatsky, Alexander N; Politova, Nadezhda V; Platonov, A V; Filippov, Alexander S (2004): On character of natural processes in flood- and ebb- tides in estuaries of Karelian coast, White Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2004, 44(5), 784-792, Oceanology, 44(5), 735-743

Yury S Dolotov, N N Filatov, Vladimir P Shevchenko, M P Petrov, I P Kutcheva, A V Tolstikov, Alexander N Novigatsky, Nadezhda V Politova, A V Platonov & Alexander S Filippov
On the base of detailed studies in the Keret' and Kem' estuaries (Karelian coast of the White Sea) in 2000-2003 a comparative analysis has been carried out. It includes: salinity and freshening of the water column, variations of suspended matter concentration and its chemical composition, current velocity and zooplankton species composition during flood- and ebb tides.
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