Coccoliths in phytoplankton of the Eastern Bering Sea in August 2001, supplement to: Sukhanova, Irina N; Flint, Mikhail V; Whitledge, Terry E; Lessard, Evelyn J (2004): Coccolithophorids in the phytoplankton of the Eastern Bering Sea after anomalous bloom of 1997. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2004, 44(5), 709-722, Oceanology, 44(5), 665-678

Irina N Sukhanova, Mikhail V Flint, Terry E Whitledge & Evelyn J Lessard
Based on results of field observations in August 1998, July 2000, and August 2001 composition and quantitative distribution of coccolithophorids in the middle part of the Eastern Bering Sea shelf between 56°052'N and 59°019'N was characterized. Emiliania huxleyi abundance, biomass, and population structure as well as role of species in the coccolithophorid community and phytoplankton as a whole were evaluated. Abundance of the species in the upper mixed layer in bloom areas was 1-3 mln...
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