Neogene floras and palaeoclimatic estimates from various sites of South-West China, supplement to: Sun, Bai-Nian; Wu, Jing-Yu; Liu, Yu-Sheng Christopher; Ding, Su-Ting; Li, Xiang-Chuan; Xie, San-Ping; Yan, De-Fei; Lin, Zhi-Cheng (2011): Reconstructing Neogene vegetation and climates to infer tectonic uplift in western Yunnan, China. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 304(3-4), 328-336

Bai-Nian Sun, Jing-Yu Wu, Yu-Sheng Christopher Liu, Su-Ting Ding, Xiang-Chuan Li, San-Ping Xie, De-Fei Yan & Zhi-Cheng Lin
Neogene climates and vegetation history of western Yunnan are reconstructed on the basis of known fossil plants using the Coexistence Approach (CA) and Leaf Margin Analysis (LMA). Four Neogene leaf floras from Tengchong, Jianchuan and Eryuan in southwestern China are analyzed by the CA, and the paleoclimatic data of one Miocene carpoflora from Longling and three Pliocene palynofloras from Longling, Yangyi and Eryuan are used for comparison. The Miocene vegetation of the whole of West...
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