(Table 1) Diatom mats from ODP Leg 177 Sites in the Southern Ocean, Atlantic Sector, supplement to: Cortese, Giuseppe; Gersonde, Rainer (2008): Plio/Pleistocene changes in the main biogenic silica carrier in the Southern Ocean, Atlantic Sector. Marine Geology, 252(3-4), 100-110

Giuseppe Cortese & Rainer Gersonde
The interaction between biogenic silica export and burial, paleoceanography, diatom species succession and mats formation was examined based on relative abundances data of Plio/Pleistocene diatoms from six cores recovered during ODP Leg 177 on a transect across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. Fragilariopsis kerguelensis, Actinocyclus ingens and species of the genus Thalassiothrix were the main contributors to the diatom assemblages.Three main steps marked the development of the...
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