Light adsorption of phytoplankton and parameters of its biomass and cell biovolumes in the Black Sea in 1998-2000, supplement to: Churilova, T Ya; Berseneva, G P; Georgieva, L V (2004): Variability in bio-optical characteristics of phytoplankton in the Black Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2004, 44(2), 208-221, Oceanology, 44(2), 192-203

T Ya Churilova, G P Berseneva & L V Georgieva
Bio-optical characteristics of phytoplankton have been observed during two-year monitoring in the western Black Sea. High variability in light absorption coefficient of phytoplankton was due to change of pigment concentration and chlorophyll a specific absorption coefficient. A relationships between light absorption coefficients and chlorophyll a concentration have been found: for the blue maximum (a_ph(440) = 0.0413x**0.628; R**2 = 0.63) and for the red maximum (?_ph(678) = 0.0190x**0.843; R**2 = 0.83). Chlorophyll a specific absorption coefficients...
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