Table 2: Evaporation from individual shoots of antarctic mosses, supplement to: Noakes, T D; Longton, R E (1988): 2.4 Pathways of water movement in relation to structure and micromorphology in Antarctic Mosses. Polarforschung, 58(2/3), 125-138

T D Noakes & R E Longton
Experimental observations on pathways of water movement are discussed in relation to anatomical and micromorphological features of five moss species from Signy Island, South Orkney Islands. Significant internal uptake of water was recorded only in the mesic species Polytrichum alpinum (internal=>60% of total) and Bartramia patens (internal=c.30% of total), in experiments in which uptake by cut shoots was compared in individuals with the external pathway blocked, and others with both external and internal pathways open....
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