(Appendix A) Oxygen and carbon isotope results of detrital carbonate grains of Heinrich layers from HU90-013-028 and IODP Sites 303-U1302/U1303/U1308 in the North Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Hodell, David A; Curtis, Jason H (2008): Oxygen and carbon isotopes of detrital carbonate in North Atlantic Heinrich Events. Marine Geology, 256(1-4), 30-35

David A Hodell & Jason H Curtis
We report oxygen and carbon isotope results of detrital carbonate grains from Heinrich layers at three sites in the North Atlantic located along a transect from the Labrador Sea to the eastern North Atlantic. Oxygen isotopic values of individual detrital carbonate grains from six Heinrich layers at all sites average - 5.6 ppm ± 1.5 ppm (1sigma; n = 166), reflecting values of dolomitic limestone derived from source areas in northeastern Canada. The d18O of...
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