The stratigraphic depth in the Cismon APTICORE borehole and the age of the average age model sampled by the Monte Carlo tuning algorithm, supplement to: Malinverno, Alberto; Erba, Elisabetta; Herbert, Timothy D (2010): Orbital tuning as an inverse problem: Chronology of the early Aptian oceanic anoxic event 1a (Selli Level) in the Cismon APTICORE. Paleoceanography, 25(2), PA2203

Alberto Malinverno, Elisabetta Erba & Timothy D Herbert
Orbital tuning, the process of fitting sedimentary cycles to orbital periodicities, can estimate with high resolution the timing and duration of key events in the geological record. We formulate here orbital tuning as the inverse problem of finding the variation in sedimentation rate that matches sediment cycles with orbital periodicities. Instead of obtaining a single best estimate, we apply a Bayesian formulation and define a probability distribution of sedimentation rate variations that result in powerful...
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