Zooplankton collected in the ice covered Chupa Inlet (White Sea) on 6-7 April 2002, supplement to: Kosobokova, Ksenia N; Ratkova, Tatyana N; Sazhin, Andrey F (2003): Zooplankton in the ice-covered Chupa Inlet (White Sea) in the early spring of 2002. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2003, 43(5), 734-743, Oceanology, 43(5), 694-703

Ksenia N Kosobokova, Tatyana N Ratkova & Andrey F Sazhin
Size-, species- and age composition of zooplankton was studied in the ice-covered Chupa Inlet (White Sea, Kandalksha Bay) in early April 2002. The species composition of zooplankton was poor and typical for the end of the winter season, and abundance and biomass were considerably lower than in summer. In terms of biomass two species of copepods (Calanus glacialis and Pseudocalanus minutus) prevailed. Both species were already feeding on ice algae available and began to reproduce....
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