(Table 2) Chemical composition of ice-rafted brecciated crystalline schist and biotite-garnet crystalline schist from the Kara Sea, supplement to: Lisitzin, Alexander P; Kharin, Gennady S; Chernysheva, E A (2004): Coarse ice-rafted debris in the bottom sediments of the Kara Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2004, 44(3), 440-456, Oceanology, 44(3), 412-427

Alexander P Lisitzin, Gennady S Kharin & E A Chernysheva
Composition and distribution.of ice-rafted coarse debris from the Kara Sea bottom were investigated. This material was obtained on 42 stations in Cruise 49 of R/V Dmitry Mendeleev by Sigsby trawls, box corers, grabs, and gravity corers. Existence of two main petrographic provinces is suggested: (1) West Kara and (2) East Kara. They differ in composition and sources of debris material. It is supposed that debris was transported mainly by floating ice. In Upper Pleistocene time...
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