Tab. 3: Substrate pH values of crypthoendolithic microbial communities, supplement to: Friedmann, E Imre; Hua, Maosen; Ocampo-Friedmann, Roseli (1988): 3.6 Cryptoendolithic lichen and cyanobacterial communities of the Ross Desert, Antarctica. Polarforschung, 58(2/3), 251-259

E Imre Friedmann, Maosen Hua & Roseli Ocampo-Friedmann
Cryploendolithic microbial communities in the Ross Desert (McMurdo Dry Valleys) are characterized on the basis of photosymlictic microorganisms and fungi. Two eukaryotic communities (the lichen-dominated and Hemichloris communities) and three cyanobacterial communities (the red Gloeocapsa, Hormathonema-Gloeocapsa and Chroococcidiopsis communities) are described. Eleven coccoid. ohne pleurocapsoid, and five filamentous cyanobacteria occurring in these communities are characterized and illustrated. The moisture grade of the rock substrate seems to affect pH. Formation of primary iron stain, and the...
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