Contribution of different algae groups in their total biomass and biomass of Infusoria and Nematoda, supplement to: Sazhin, Andrey F; Ratkova, Tatyana N; Kosobokova, Ksenia N (2004): Inhabitants of the White Sea coastal ice during the early spring period. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2004, 44(1), 92-100, Oceanology, 44(1), 82-89

Andrey F Sazhin, Tatyana N Ratkova & Ksenia N Kosobokova
In April 2002 at four stations located in the vicinity of the White Sea Biological Station, Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (Chupa Inlet, Kandalaksha Bay) ice samples were taken. It was shown that phototrophic and heterotrophic flagellates inhabit White Sea ice together with diatoms and dinoflagellates. In addition to three well-known communities, namely, assemblages of the lower ice surface, assemblages of pore channels, and interstitial communities, an infiltration assemblage and that of melt ice...
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