Water chemistry of lakes from the Antarctic, supplement to: Torii, Tetsuya; Matsumoto, Genki I; Nakaya, Shyu (1988): 3.3 The chemical characteristics of Antarctic lakes and ponds, with special emphasis on the distribution of nutrients. Polarforschung, 58(2/3), 219-230

Tetsuya Torii, Genki I Matsumoto & Shyu Nakaya
This paper reviews Japanese limnological studies mainly in the McMurdo and Syowa oases, with special emphasis on the nutrient distribution. Generally, the chemical composition of the major ionic components in the coastal lakes and ponds is similar to that in seawater, while that in inland Dry Valley lakes and ponds of the McMurdo Oasis is abundant in calcium, magnesium and sulfate ions. The former can be explained by the direct influences of sea salts, while...
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