Water, bottom deposits, and macrobenthos in the south part of the East Siberian Sea in September 2003, supplement to: Gukov, Aleksander Yu; Dudarev, Oleg V; Semiletov, Igor P; Charkin, Alexander N; Gorshkova, Ya S (2005): Distribution of macrobenthos biomass and bottom biocoenoses in the southern East Siberian Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2005, 45(6), 889-896, Oceanology, 45(6), 741-748

Aleksander Yu Gukov, Oleg V Dudarev, Igor P Semiletov, Alexander N Charkin & Ya S Gorshkova
Macrobenthos biomass and bottom biocoenoses were studied in the sublittoral zone of the southern East Siberian Sea. The macrobenthos is characterized by relatively high abundance (from 30 to 2680 #/m**2), biomass (from 0.25 to 578.8 g/m**2), and diversity (83 species in total). Lateral distribution of macrobenthos biomass correlates with a substrate type and salinity and is substantially higher in areas washed by the Arctic water mass than in estuaries with mixed fresh and Arctic waters...
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