Geochemistry and mineralogy of ultramafic rocks from conical seamount, supplement to: Saboda, Kristine L; Fryer, Patricia B; Maekawa, Hirokazu (1992): Metamorphism of Ultramafic Clasts from Conical Seamount: Sites 778, 779, and 780. In: Fryer, P; Pearce, JA; Stokking, LB; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 125, 431-443

Kristine L Saboda, Patricia B Fryer & Hirokazu Maekawa
The Mariana arc-trench system, the easternmost of a series of backarc basins and intervening remnant arcs that form the eastern edge of the Philippine Sea Plate, is a well-known example of an intraoceanic convergence zone. Its evolution has been studied by numerous investigators over nearly two decades (e.g., Kang, 1971; Uyeda and Kanamori, 1979; LaTraille and Hussong, 1980; Fryer and Hussong, 1981; Mrosowski et al., 1982; Hussong and Uyeda, 1981; Bloomer and Hawkins,1983; Karig and...
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