Age determinations of rocks from Vestfjella and Ahlmannryggen in Antarctica, supplement to: Peters, Matthias; Lippolt, Hans Jürgen; Rittmann, Ursula; Weber, Klaus (1989): Field relations, petrography and K-Ar Age determinations on Magmatic Rocks from Neuschwabenland, Antarctica. Polarforschung, 59(1/2), 35-44

Matthias Peters, Hans Jürgen Lippolt, Ursula Rittmann & Klaus Weber
The Proterozoic country rock at Ahlmannryggen consists of flat lying basaltic lo andesitic lava flows and sedimentary rocks intruded by dioritic sills (Borgmassivet Intrusives). The suites display a typical platform cover. K-Ar age determinations gave maximum ages of about 1200 Ma on the magmatic rocks. All these suites were intruded bv Proterozoic dikes dated also at about 1200 Ma. Localiy the Proterozoic rocks have a slaty cleavage grading into mylonitic texture which strike parallel to...
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