(Table 2) Production parameters of phytoplankton and some associated parameters in the area of the Titanic Polygon, supplement to: Vedernikov, Vladimir I; Gagarin, Vladimir I (2003): Primary production and chlorophyll in the frontal zone of the Gulf Stream and Labrador Current in July-September 2001. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2003, 43(2), 209-218, Oceanology, 43(2), 196-205

Vladimir I Vedernikov & Vladimir I Gagarin
Studies were carried out mostly in the area of RMS Titanic wreck site (41°44'N, 49°57'W) located above the continental slope and the south of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. In a period from 18.06 to 24.09.2001 five surveys of production characteristics of surface phytoplankton were conducted over 5-9 days. Mean values of these characteristics obtained during the surveys were 9.2-11.7 mg C/m**3 per day for primary production (C_phs), 0.102-0.188 mg/m**3 for chlorophyll a (C_chls), and...
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