Magnetic parameters of rocks from the Red Sea rift zone, supplement to: Shreider, Anatoly A; Trukhin, V I; Sychev, V A; Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay A (1982): Detailed geomagnetic studies of the rift zone in the south of the Red Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1982, 22(3), 325-331, Oceanology, 22(3), 439-445

Anatoly A Shreider, V I Trukhin, V A Sychev & Nikolay A Rimsky-Korsakov
Results of detailed geomagnetic and geomorphological studies carried out by R/V Akvanavt together with data obtained by a side-scanning sonar and high-frequency profiles from a towed Zvuk-4 vehicle plus results of visual observations of deep-sea manned Pisces submersible have shown that the spreading axis is divided into segments, whose strike (330°) differs from the overall strike (310°) of the axial magnetic anomaly. In the study area segments are about 1 km long and transform displacements...
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