Biomarker records of DSDP Hole 24-231 and terrestrial sediments, supplement to: Feakins, Sarah J; Eglinton, Timothy Ian; deMenocal, Peter B (2007): A comparison of biomarker records of northeast African vegetation from lacustrine and marine sediments (ca. 3.40 Ma). Organic Geochemistry, 38(10), 1607-1624

Sarah J Feakins, Timothy Ian Eglinton & Peter B deMenocal
ntegrated terrestrial and marine records of northeast African vegetation are needed to provide long high resolution records of environmental variability with established links to specific terrestrial environments. In this study, we compare records of terrestrial vegetation preserved in marine sediments in the Gulf of Aden [Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) Site 231] and an outcrop of lacustrine sediments in the Turkana Basin, Kenya, part of the East African Rift System. We analyzed higher plant biomarkers...
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