Molecular properties of gases of ODP Leg 204 sites, supplement to: Milkov, Alexei V; Claypool, George E; Lee, Young-Joo; Torres, Marta E; Borowski, Walter S; Tomaru, Hitoshi; Sassen, Roger; Long, Philip E; ODP Leg 204 Shipboard Scientific Party (2004): Ethane enrichment and propane depletion in subsurface gases indicate gas hydrate occurrence in marine sediments at southern Hydrate Ridge offshore Oregon. Organic Geochemistry, 35(9), 1067-1080

Alexei V Milkov, George E Claypool, Young-Joo Lee, Marta E Torres, Walter S Borowski, Hitoshi Tomaru, Roger Sassen, Philip E Long &
The recognition of finely disseminated gas hydrate in deep marine sediments heavily depends on various indirect techniques because this mineral quickly decomposes upon recovery from in situ pressure and temperature conditions. Here, we discuss molecular properties of closely spaced gas voids (formed as a result of core recovery) and gas hydrates from an area of relatively low gas flux at the flanks of the southern Hydrate Ridge offshore Oregon (ODP Sites 1244, 1245 and 1247)....
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