Geochemistry and degree of organic carbon preservation in non-bioturbated, shaly sediments, supplement to: Vetó, István; Hetényi, Magdolna; Demény, Attila; Hertelendi, Ede (1994): Hydrogen index as reflecting intensity of suiphidic diagenesis in non-bioturbated, shaly sediments. Organic Geochemistry, 22(2), 299-310

István Vetó, Magdolna Hetényi, Attila Demény & Ede Hertelendi
Based on 13 published porewater H2S and sulphate profiles the amount of H2S escaping from non-bioturbated shales varies between some few % to 45% of the amount of bacterially generated H2S. This finding permits calculation of the original organic carbon (TOCor) content of immature nonbioturbated shales using TOC and sulphur content data. In two immature non-bioturbated sequences from Hungary (Toarcian and Oligocene) the first-order correlation between HI and TOC/TOCor was found to be stronger than...
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