Total organic carbon, lithology and alkylthiophenes in immature sediments (Table 1), supplement to: Kohnen, Math E L; Peakman, T M; Sinninghe Damsté, Jaap S; de Leeuw, Jan W (1990): Identification and occurrence of novel C36-C54 3,4-dialkylthiophenes with an unusual carbon skeleton in immature sediments. Organic Geochemistry, 16(4-6), 1103-1113

Math E L Kohnen, T M Peakman, Jaap S Sinninghe Damsté & Jan W de Leeuw
A series of novel long-chain 3,4-dialkylthiophenes (C36–C54) was identified in a number of sediments ranging from Pleistocene to Cretaceous. The identifications were based on mass spectral characterisation, desulphurisation and mass spectral data of synthesised model compounds. These organic sulphur compounds are probably formed by sulphur incorporation into mid-chain dimethylalkadienes with two methylenic double bonds. These putative precursor lipids are unprecedented and may be considered rather unusual. The distribution of 3,4-dialkylthiophenes in sediments varies considerably with...
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