Seawater carbonate chemistry and auditory behavior of Orange clownfish (Amphiprion percula) during experiments, 2011, supplement to: Simpson, Stephen D; Munday, Philip L; Wittenrich, Matthew L; Manassa, Rachel; Dixon, Danielle L; Gagliano, Monica; Yan, Hong Y (2011): Ocean acidification erodes crucial auditory behaviour in a marine fish. Biology Letters, 7(6), 917-920

Stephen D Simpson, Philip L Munday, Matthew L Wittenrich, Rachel Manassa, Danielle L Dixon, Monica Gagliano & Hong Y Yan
Ocean acidification is predicted to affect marine ecosystems in many ways, including modification of fish behaviour. Previous studies have identified effects of CO2-enriched conditions on the sensory behaviour of fishes, including the loss of natural responses to odours resulting in ecologically deleterious decisions. Many fishes also rely on hearing for orientation, habitat selection, predator avoidance and communication. We used an auditory choice chamber to study the influence of CO2-enriched conditions on directional responses of juvenile...
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