(Table 1) Results of geothermal measurements in the Black Sea 2000 and 2001 expeditions, supplement to: Verzhbitsky, Evgeny V; Lobkovsky, Leopold I; Pokryshkin, Alexander A; Soltanovsky, Igor I (2005): Anomalous geothermal regime, seismic, and gravitational landslide activity in the northeastern part of the Black Sea continental slope. Translated from Oceanology, 2005, 45(4), 614-621, Oceanology, 45(4), 580-587

Evgeny V Verzhbitsky, Leopold I Lobkovsky, Alexander A Pokryshkin & Igor I Soltanovsky
According to the World Ocean Program in the northeastern part of the continental slope of the Black Sea geothermal, seismologic and seismic studies were carried out. An analysis of heat flow distribution allowed to distinguish a negative geothermal anomaly near the Dzhubga area, where the Russia-Turkey pipeline was being constructed. During seismological observations (August-September 1999, September 2001) more than 1200 seismic events were recorded. They proved high tectonic activity of the region under study, which...
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