Tab. 1: Rb-Sr data on metasediments in the Shackleton Range, supplement to: Buggisch, Werner; Kleinschmidt, Georg; Höhndorf, Axel; Pohl, Jean (1994): Stratigraphy and facies of sediments and low-grade metasediments in the Shackleton Range, Antarctica. Polarforschung, 63(1), 9-32

Werner Buggisch, Georg Kleinschmidt, Axel Höhndorf & Jean Pohl
Summary: The stratigraphy of the Shackleton Range established by Stephenson (1966) and Clarkson (1972) was revised by results of the German Expedition GEISHA 1987/88. The "Turnpike Bluff Group" does not form a stratigraphic unit. The stratigraphic correlation of its formations is still a matter of discussion. The following four formations are presumed to belong to different units: The Stephenson Bastion Formation and Wyeth Heights Formation are probably of Late Precambrian age. The Late Precambrian Watts...
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