Vegetation in the coastal area of East Greenland, supplement to: Lünterbusch, Christoph; Bültmann, Helga; Daniëls, Frederikus J A (1995): Eine pflanzensoziologische Übersicht der Oxyria digynaund Chamaenerion latifolium-Vegetation im küstennahen Bereich Südost-Grönlands. Polarforschung, 65(2), 71-82

Christoph Lünterbusch, Helga Bültmann & Frederikus J A Daniëls
This paper deals with the syntaxonomy and ecology of debris, scree and alluvium vegetation of the Ammassalik district, Southeast Greenland, on more or less moist soil. The Oxyria digyna- and Chamaenerion latifoliumvegetation types are classified as Saxifrago-Oxyrietum digynae (Böcher 1933 ap. Nordh. 1943) Gjaerevoll 1950 respectively Chamaenerietum latifolii Böcher 1933 in the class Thlaspietea rotundifolii Br.-BI. ap. Br.-BI. et al. 1947. The chionophytic Saxifrago-Oxyrietum digynae and the Chamaenerietum latifolii occurring on river-banks are classified in...
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