Chemical and isotopic analysis of bulk organic matter and hydrocarbon biomarkers from IODP Holes 311-U1327C, 311-U1328B and 311-U1328C, supplement to: Kaneko, Masanori; Shingai, Hiroshi; Pohlman, John W; Naraoka, Hiroshi (2010): Chemical and isotopic signature of bulk organic matter and hydrocarbon biomarkers within mid-slope accretionary sediments of the northern Cascadia margin gas hydrate system. Marine Geology, 275(1-4), 166-177

Masanori Kaneko, Hiroshi Shingai, John W Pohlman & Hiroshi Naraoka
The chemical and isotopic compositions of sedimentary organic matter (SOM) from two mid-slope sites of the northern Cascadia margin were investigated during Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expedition 311 to elucidate the organic matter origins and identify potential microbial contributions to SOM. Gas hydrate is present at both locations (IODP Sites U1327 and U1328), with distinct patterns of near-seafloor structural accumulations at the cold seep Site U1328 and deeper stratigraphic accumulations at the slope-basin Site...
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