Total organic carbon, delta13C, biomarker, gas compilations and hopanoids analysis from IODP Sites 307-U1317 and 307-U1318, supplement to: Mangelsdorf, Kai; Zink, Klaus-Gerhard; di Primio, Rolando; Horsfield, Brian (2011): Microbial lipid markers within and adjacent to Challenger Mound in the Belgica carbonate mound province, Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland (IODP Expedition 307). Marine Geology, 282(1-2), 91-101

Kai Mangelsdorf, Klaus-Gerhard Zink, Rolando di Primio & Brian Horsfield
During the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expedition 307 for the first time a cold-water coral carbonate mound was drilled down through its base into the underlying sediments. In the current study, sample material from within and below Challenger Mound, located in the Belgica carbonate mound province in the Porcupine Basin offshore Ireland, was investigated for its distribution of microbial communities and gas composition using biogeochemical and geochemical approaches to elucidate the question on the...
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