Investigation of pingos in Kuganguaq delta on Disko Island, supplement to: Yoshikawa, Kenji; Nakamura, Toshio; Igarashi, Yaeko (1996): Growth and collapse history of Pingos, Kuganguaq, Disko Island, Greenland. Polarforschung, 64(3), 109-113

Kenji Yoshikawa, Toshio Nakamura & Yaeko Igarashi
The growth and collapse history of two pingos located approximately 18 m a.s.l, and 35 m a.s.l. in Kuganguag, Disko lsland, west-central Greenland were examined. The pingos of this area were formed on Tertiary basalt rocks. One of the pingos is located in the middle of an alluvial fan, the other is on a river bed. Both have already collapsed. The pingo on the river bed had already collapsed at least 3545±60 year BP (14C...
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