Acid-soluble sulfides in upper layer bottom sediments from the Tsemess and Gelendzhik bays and adjacent shelf area of the Black Sea, supplement to: Sorokin, Yury I; Zakuskina, O Yu (2008): Acid-soluble sulfides in the upper layer of the bottom sediments on the northeastern shelf of the Black Sea: Relation to the pollution and environmental aftereffects. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2008, 48(2), 224-231, Oceanology, 48(2), 204-211

Yury I Sorokin & O Yu Zakuskina
Contents of labile (acid-soluble) sulfides were determined in the upper layer of bottom sediments at 80 stations on the Caucasian shelf of the Black Sea. Maximum values of this parameter occurred in black mud accumulated in zones of intense pollution in the Gelendzhik and Tsemess bays and in shelf areas adjacent to large health resort objects and to seaports. Contents of acid-soluble sulfides in sediments varied from 400 to 900 mg S/dm**3 of wet mud....
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