Geochemical provenance analysis of fine-grained sediment of sediment core AND1-1, supplement to: Monien, Donata; Kuhn, Gerhard; von Eynatten, Hilmar; Talarico, Franco M (2012): Geochemical provenance analysis of fine-grained sediment revealing Late Miocene to recent Paleo-Environmental changes in the Western Ross Sea, Antarctica. Global and Planetary Change, 96-97, 41-58

Donata Monien, Gerhard Kuhn, Hilmar von Eynatten & Franco M Talarico
Bulk chemical fine-grained sediment compositions from southern Victoria Land glacimarine sediments provide significant constraints on the reconstruction of sediment provenance models in the McMurdo Sound during Late Cenozoic time. High-resolution (~ 1 ka) geochemical data were obtained with a non-destructive AVAATECH XRF Core Scanner (XRF-CS) on the 1285 m long ANDRILL McMurdo Ice Shelf Project (MIS) sediment core AND-1B. This data set is complemented by high-precision chemical analyses (XRF and ICP-OES) on discrete samples.Statistical analyses...
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