Database of the GLAMAP project, supplement to: Vogelsang, Elke; Sarnthein, Michael; Pflaumann, Uwe (2001): d18O Stratigraphy, chronology, and sea surface temperatures of Atlantic sediment records (GLAMAP-2000 Kiel). Berichte-Reports, Institut für Geowissenschaften, Universität Kiel, 13, 13+244 pp.

Elke Vogelsang, Michael Sarnthein & Uwe Pflaumann
A uniform chronology for foraminifera-based sea surface temperature records has been established in more than 120 sediment cores obtained from the equatorial and eastern Atlantic up to the Arctic Ocean. The chronostratigraphy of the last 30,000 years is mainly based on published d18O records and 14C ages from accelerator mass spectrometry, converted into calendar-year ages. The high-precision age control provides the database necessary for the uniform reconstruction of the climate interval of the Last Glacial...
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