(Table 1) Geochemistry of basalts of Nauru Basin, supplement to: Batiza, Rodey; Larson, Roger L; Schlanger, Seymour O; Shcheka, S A; Tokuyama, Hidekazu (1980): Trace element abundances in basalts of Nauru Basin. Nature, 286(5772), 476-478

Rodey Batiza, Roger L Larson, Seymour O Schlanger, S A Shcheka & Hidekazu Tokuyama
Leg 61 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) was concerned with drilling a single continuously cored multiple re-entry hole at site 462 in the Central Nauru Basin (Fig. 1). Preliminary results of this drilling, which penetrated more than 1 km beneath the sea floor, were presented earlier. One major result was the discovery of a late Cretaceous off-ridge volcanic/intrusive complex of basaltic composition and great thickness (>500 m). We now present trace element abundance...
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