Geochemistry of Miocene Alborán Basin volcanism, supplement to: Duggen, Svend; Hoernle, Kaj; Klügel, Andreas; Geldmacher, Jörg; Thirlwall, Matthew F; Hauff, Folkmar; Lowry, David; Oates, N (2008): Geochemical zonation of the Miocene Alborán Basin volcanism (westernmost Mediterranean): geodynamic implications. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 156(5), 557-593

Svend Duggen, Kaj Hoernle, Andreas Klügel, Jörg Geldmacher, Matthew F Thirlwall, Folkmar Hauff, David Lowry & N Oates
We present new major and trace element and O-Sr-Nd-isotope data for igneous rocks from the western Mediterranean Alborán Sea, collected during the METEOR 51/1 cruise, and for high-grade schists and gneisses from the continental Alborán basement, drilled during the Ocean Drilling Programme (ODP Leg 161, Site 976). The geochemical data allow a detailed examination of crustal and mantle processes involved in the petrogenesis of the lavas and for the first time reveal a zonation of...
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