Calcareous nannofossil assemblages of Ocean Anoxic Event 2 in ODP Sites 207-1258 and 207-1260, supplement to: Hardas, Petros; Mutterlose, Jörg (2007): Calcareous nannofossil assemblages of Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 in the equatorial Atlantic: Evidence of an eutrophication event. Marine Micropaleontology, 66(1), 52-69

Petros Hardas & Jörg Mutterlose
The calcareous nannofossils of the Cenomanian/Turonian boundary interval of Sites 1258 and 1260 (Ocean Drilling Program Leg 207) have been studied in order to understand the depositional environment during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 (OAE2) in the equatorial Atlantic. Nannofossil assemblages show a significant change in relative abundances during the positive d13Corg excursion interval. The strong increase of the high productivity indicator Zeugrhabdotus erectus and the simultaneous decrease of the oligotrophic taxa Watznaueria barnesiae and Watznaueria...
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